The advantages of the DEVACONTROL

  • DevaControl 1Limited drop of 1 cm
  • Easily accessible
  • Lightweight design
  • Large filter surface
  • Simple and safe maintenance
  • Reduced loss of rainwater
  • More return from the rainwater system
  • Tank that is both functional and for inspection

The purifying effect of the DEVACONTROL

devaplus devacontrol zuiverendewerkingThe Devacontrol is an indispensable element in any rainwater drainage system. A lot of dust and fine sand lands on any roof. These are the main causes of blockages in rainwater filters and infiltration basins. Settling space is integrated into the inspection tank. Much of this dust and sand will remain here. The leaf catcher in the Devacontrol ensures that the rest of the pipes, rain tank, infiltration and so on remain clear of leaves and twigs. After all, twigs, leaves, pieces of roofing tiles and so on can cause blockages. The Devacontrol also serves as an inspection tank. From here, all pipes under the paved or unpaved surface around the home can be accessed.


  • Regular maintenance = high efficiency.
  • The PP filter element should be checked regularly.
  • If dirty, this should be cleaned with warm water and a brush.
  • Each year there are periods (blossom, autumn etc.) during which thWontrol needs to be checked more regularly.
  • Regular maintenance of roof gutters significantly increases the efficiency of the Devacontrol.


The PP Devacontrol should be placed completely level on a 100% stable surface. The pipes to and from the Devacontrol should be connected at the right incline. The Devacontrol can be elevated using a pipe with a diameter of 315. The Devacontrol and elevation pipe should be filled and compressed step by step.
Filling and compressing should be carried out using pure filler sand. The cover should rest on the surface around the Devacontrol and certainly never on the elevation pipe. Ideally, the cover should be placed on a concrete rim, so that loads are not applied to the Devacontrol by traffic.

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