The advantages of the DEVAFILTER

DevaXLfilter 2No drop necessary
• Easy to access and handle
• Lightweight design
• Simple maintenance
• Strong mesh
• Filter and rain tank under the same cover
• Suitable for all sloping roof surfaces (tiles or slates) and most flat roofs (*)

The purifying effect of the DEVAFILTER

devaplus devafilter2 zuiverendewerkingAn efficient rainwater filter is indispensable if rainwater is to be used for toilets, washing machines, gardening and cleaning. This patented Devafilter is integrated in the manhole above the rainwater tank, level, and in line with the inflow and outflow. Rainwater enters through the inflow and falls through the stainless-steel mesh of the filter into the tank. The dirt that remains in the filter is washed away by heavy rainfall or when the water tank overflows.

Simple maintenance

In the case of tough dirt (e.g. grease after installation of drainage system) the filter can be easily disassembled by lifting the filter section and rinsing this with warm water.

Installation instructions

• Regular maintenance = 100% efficiency.
• The Devafilter must be installed level.
• The first two cleans should be carried out using a degreasing cleaning agent, in order to thoroughly remove grease
residues that have flowed in from the sealing rings.
• The filter should be checked occasionally.

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